Versions of popcorn

Over the years, Popcorn has been covered lots of times. Here's an overview of some of these versions

Gershon Kingsley
Pop Corn (LP Version) (2:24) listen
Pop Corn (7" Version) (2:18) listenLook
The original, it's quite different from the Hot Butter version. The single version has some extra effects. 
First Moog Quartet
Popcorn (2:36) listen
The basis of Hot Butter's Popcorn and all Popcorns to come 
Hot Butter
Popcorn (2:34) listenLook
The version we all know and love 
Popcorn Makers
Popcorn (2:33) listenLook
Faithful to the Hot Butter version 
Mr. K
Popcorn (version 1) (2:34) listenLook
Popcorn (version 2) (2:45) listenLook
There are 2 different versions from Mr. K's adaptation, but it's not printed on the sleeve. One has a "trumpet" sound as lead, the other the familiar popcorn melody sound. 
Anarchic System
Pop Corn (vocal version) (3:15) listenLookLyrcs
Pop Corn (instrumental) (3:51) listen
Popcorn (live) (2:34) listen
The Fantastic Pikes
Popcorn (2:27) listen
Los Pekenikes
Palomitas de Maiz (Popcorn) (2:33) listen
Rod Hunter
Popcorn (2:56) listenLook
Ladi Geisler
Popcorn (1:04) listen
Part of a long track with guitar covers 
Apollo 100
Popcorn (2:42) listen
A combination of Anarchic System's instrumental and vocal mix. 
Frank Valdor & Singers
Popcorn (2:35) listen
The chorus has vocals. The same words as Apollo 100/Anarchic System are used 
La Strana Societa
Popcorn (2:30) listen
The Crazy Pop Corn
Pop Corn (2:30) listen
Identical to the Strana Societa version 
The Hot Cats
Popcorn (2:29) listen
Pop Corn (2:25) listenLookLyrcs
Popcorn (2:18) listenLyrcs
Palomitas de Maiz (2:21) listenLyrcs
Popcorn (Cuore veloce) (2:21) listen
French, German, Spanish and Italian lyrics.  
De Strangers
Dikke Jet (3:11) listenLyrcs
With Flemmish (Antwerp) lyrics 
Orchester Volkmar Schmidt
Popcorn (2:27) listenLook
Revolution System
Popcorn (2:28) listenLook
The Ales Sigmund Band
Popcorn (1:36) listen
Great drum solo 
Pop Corn (2:28) listenLook
Popcorn (2:35) listenLook
Mario Cavallero and his orchestra
Popcorn (2:22) listen
Miguel Ramos
Popcorn (3:28) listen
With Hammond organ 
Fresh Cream
Pop Corn (3:08) listenLook
Mat Camison
Popcorn Festival (2:31) listenLookLyrcs
Probably related to the Mr. K version 
Stein Ingebrigtsen, Inger Lise & Anita Schøn
Popcorn (2:36) listenLookLyrcs
Popcorn (2:32) listenLook
True to the original 
Tom Spencer
Pop Corn (2:32) listenLook
Danny Danova
Popcorn (2:26) listenLook
Resembles the Apollo 100 and Anarchic System versions 
Bruno Lorenzoni
Popcorn (3:11) listen
Popcorn on accordeon (video only) 
Jacques Perrot
Popcorn (1:28)
Popcorn on human being (video only) 
Popcorn (2:41) listen
Popcorn with Finnish lyrics 
Pop Corn Orchestra
Popcorn (2:32) listenLook
Pseudonym of Jean Michel Jarre. Hard to find! 
The New Dreamers
Popcorn (2:40) listen
Nice arrangement 
Ronnie Aldrich
Popcorn (2:44) listenLook
Orchestral and electronic version 
Popcorn (2:38) listenLook
Los Exitos
Popcorn (3:20) listen
Prague Radio Dance Orchestra
Popcorn (2:40) listen
Starts with "chorus", this version will be the basis of the 1973 Jiri Korn version. 
Orquesta Cubana De Musica Moderna
Popcorn (3:07) listenLook
Cuban orchestra 
The Synthesizer Sound Machine
Popcorn (2:27) listen
Viva La Musica con Horacio Malvicino y Orquestra
Pochoclo (2:38) listenLook
Lyrics are "based" on the Anarchic System version. At least they're trying... 
Las Trillizas de Oro
Pochoclo (2:19) listenLook
Spanish lyrics 
Dan Lacksman
Pop Corn (3:20) listenLook
Telex member, based on Anarchic System version 
The Music Sweepers
Pop Corn (2:54) listen
Spanish Popcorn (2:56) listen
John Evans
Popcorn, Pizzicati, Tanz Der Rohrfloten (4:02) listen
medley with accordeon 
Jay Joyce and his orchestra
Pop Corn (2:35) listen
Frans Poptie
Popcorn (2:55) listen
Jazz voilist plays Popcorn 
The Golden Sound of Yamaha
Popcorn (2:49) listen
Hot Hits
Popcorn (2:35) listen
Armando Sciascia Orchestra
Pop Corn (2:28) listen
Classical and moog 
Augusto Martelli
Pop Corn (3:16) listen
Jazz orchestra 
Decibels a Go-go
Palomitas de Maiz (2:26) listenLyrcs
Based in the Pop Corn Orchestra version, with lyrics 
Los Astros
Palomitas de Maiz (3:16) listen
Franck Pourcel
Pop Corn Festival (2:40) listen
Fausto Papetti
Pop Corn (2:35) listen
Popcorn (2:36) listen
Identical to the Laser Sound Orchestra version. This version can be found on a lot of compilation albums, under different names 
Bud Shorter & Jeff and Bessy
Pop Corn (2:52) listen
Claude Ciari
Pop Corn (2:31) listen
Huub Habets
Popcorn (2:45) listen
Trumpet version 
Die Limburger
Pop Corn, Viva Espana, Ich Fang Fur Euch Den Sonnenschein (3:05) listen
German accordeon medley 
Enrique Lynch Y Su Conjunto
La Bocina/Palomitas de Maiz (4:18) listen
Estrellas de Plata
Palomitas de Maiz (2:28) listen
Latin American version 
Alan Caddy Orchestra and Singers
Pop Corn (2:36) listen
Identical to the Popcorneaters and Laser Sound Orchestra version. This version can be found on a lot of compilation albums, under different names 
Gil Ventura
Pop Corn (2:36) listen
Palomitas de Maiz (2:53) listen
Colombian version 
Yvette Horner
Pop Corn (2:25) listen
Accordeon version 
Cheyenne Mountain High School Symphonic Band 1972
Popcorn (3:11) listen
Cheyenne Mountain High School Symphonic Band
Popcorn (3:11) listen
Pop Corn Consumers
Pop Corn (2:52) listen
Same as Bud Shorter & Jeff and Bessy 
Pablo Beltrán Ruiz y Su Orquesta
Palomitas de Maiz (2:25) listen
I Moogs
Popcorn (2:30) listen
Daisy Door
Pop Corn (3:13) listen
German lyrics based on Antoine's German version 
El Órgano Romantico de Goyito
Palomitas de Maiz (3:03) listen
Hector Manito Bonilla
Canguil con salsa (2:52) listen
Joe Loss
Popcorn (2:35) listen
Orchester Pete Danby
Pop Corn (1:31) listen
The Misters
Palomitas de Maiz (2:55) listen
Nils Tibor
Michaela/Hello-A/Popcorn (4:11) listen
Orchester Eric Frantzen
Popcorn (3:14) listen
Manuel Gas
Pop Corn (3:05) listen
John Forst Mit Seinen Zaubergitarren
Popcorn (2:38) listen
Byron Lee
Popcorn (2:33) listenLook
Reggae version! 
Klaus Wunderlich
Popcorn / Apache / Corn Flakes (4:47) listen
Popcorn on an organ 
Popcorn (3:22) listen
Max Greger
Popcorn (Samba 55) (2:36) listen
Samba version 
Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops
Popcorn (2:54) listenLook
Orchestral version. P2P networks might have a 1:11 edit version. 
Popcorn Essen Ist Gesund (2:22) listenLookLyrcs
With German lyrics. 
Electric Coconut
Popcorn (2:33) listen
Katy Bødtger
Popcorn (2:35) listenLook
With Danish lyrics 
Jiří Korn
Jako Mandle Pražené (3:25) listenLyrcs
Czech lyrics 
The Carmets
Popcorn (2:48) listenLook
ORF Big Band
Popcorn (2:47) listenLook
On organ and with orchestra 
Les Humphries Singers
Ela-Ela/Popcorn/Ding Dong Bell (4:57) listenLook
Part of a medley 
Orchester Ralf Nowy
Popcorn/Little Willy (2:57) listenLook
The Barry Lipman Party Band
Popcorn (1:42) listenLook
Pedro and his Hammond Organ
Pop Corn (2:30) listenLook
Die Travellers
Weisse Bohnen (3:11) listen
German lyrics 
Pluma Y Su 8 Octavos
Palomitas de Maiz (2:33) listen
Oscar Valdambrini & The Poppy Pops
Pop Corn (2:26) listen
Orchestra Electrecord
Floricele (2:42) listen
orchestra, organ and synths 
Chris Nilson und seine Rhytmusgruppe
Michaela/Hello-A/Popcorn (4:11) listen
Hammond organ medley 
Kai Warner
City of New Orleans/Hello-A/Popcorn (4:52) listen
The Israel Air Force Band
Pop Corn (3:15) listen
Die Westfälischen Nachtigallen
Ein Festival der Liebe/Rote Rosen/Popcorn (4:37) listen
kids choir sings Popcorn 
Military Pop Band, Major Werner Gummelt
Coconuts From Congoville, Popcorn, Hello-A (4:28) listen
military band plays a medley containing Popcorn 
Sydney Thompson And His Orchestra
Popcorn Samba (1:34) listen
Margareta Paslaru
Floricele de porumb (2:44) listenLyrcs
Romanian lyrics 
Orchester Udo Reichel
Popcorn (2:26) listen
Copy of Popcorneaters version 
Roberto Sasian Y Su Organa
Palomitas de Maiz (3:29) listen
Pop-Corn (0:17) listen
short snippet for a demo for Wersi organs 
Unknown (Y Viva Espana)
Popcorn (2:31) listen
James Last
Popcorn (2:17) listen
Omar Khorshid
Pop Corn (4:12) listen
Lebanese belly-dancer version 
Eddy de Jong
Popcorn (2:15) listen
Claudius Alzner Und Seine Solisten
Mann Müsste Klavier spielen Können - Popcorn - Ay no digas (3:16) listen
music medley 
The Ray McVay Road Show
Popcorn (1:05) listen
Big band version 
Der Naher Kinderchor
Popcorn (1:30) listen
Georgette Sayegh
Bouchar (2:45) listen
Denny Morris
Popcorn (2:37) listen
Norrie Paramor
Popcorn (2:51) listenLook
Archie Ulm
Popcorn (3:54) listenLook
Brian Hazelby
Pop C orn (2:23) listen
Blow Up
Popcorn (2:50) listen
Pattie Brooks
Pop Collage Medley (8:52) listenLook
Disco medley with Popcorn! 
Charles Barlow and his Orchestra
Popcorn (1:50) listen
Version with brass section 
Günter Noris
Popcorn (2:57) listen
Balet Československé televize
Popcorn (3:00) listen
TV performance 
Billy Mann
Popcorn (2:34) listen
The Orchestra Ballet of Czechoslovakian Television
Popcorn (3:11) listen
Ricky King
Popcorn (2:49) listen
Popcorn on guitar 
Gershon Kingsley
Popcorn International (8:29) listen
Played with the Munich Radio Orchestra in 1978. The full version can be heard here. 
Ensemble Meshcherina
Popcorn (2:36) listen
Nice version of a Russian band. 
Popcorn (3:50) listen
The Love Symphony Orchestra
Popcorn (3:21) listen
Arndt Bause
Popcorn (3:06) listen
Guitar version 
Popcorn (Vocal) (5:23) listenLook
Popcorn (Instrumental) (5:41) listen
The instrumental has alien voices in it, the vocal version is completely instrumental. 
Ed Starink
Popcorn (2:33) listen
Jugend Bigband am Alten Gymnasium Flensburg
Popcorn (2:35) listen
Popcorn (1:59) listen
Magic Men
Popcorn (6:22) listenLook
Popcorn (dub version) (4:46) listen
Popcorn meets Funky Town 
Popcorn (Disco Mix) (6:52) listen
M & H Band
Popcorn (radio mix) (3:59) listenLook
Popcorn (butter mix) (6:52) listen
Popcorn (Jiffy Corn mix) (6:10) listen
Popcorn (Remix Version Special DJ) (6:59) listen
Popcorn (Swedish remix) (5:35) listen
Popcorn (Hauteville remix) (5:58) listen
Dub House on Pop Corn (3:46) listen
Pop Corn House (3:35) listen
Popcorn (Quick Mixx) (2:47) listen
Sometimes credited as Kraftwerk or Jean Michel Jarre on the P2P networks.  
Popcorn (TIC remix) (4:36) listenLook
Popcorn (Woodstock mix) (3:18) listen
Some nice guitar improvisation on this one 
Dr. Moog's Party Bros
Popcorn '88 (7:57) listen
Pop House
Pop Corn (housing the corn) (3:36) listenLook
Pop Corn (housing the corn) maxi version (6:00) listen
Overload of sampling 
Richard Romance Synthesizer Section
Popcorn (3:07) listenLook
Lame Dutch Star Inc clone makes even lamer version. It's not even correctly played. 
Pop Corn '89 Toma Toma Mix (5:19) listenLook
Pop Corn '98 Dub Version (5:19) listen
Related to the 1987 TIC version 
Spanish Summer Connection (3:45) listen
Guru Josh
Popcorn (4:07) listen
Crazy guy does a nice popcorn, although it tends to get a bit boring 
Ed Starink (Star Inc)
Popcorn (4:00) listenLook
Surprisingly good version, buids up very nice. 
Techno Talk
Popcorn (Single Edit) (3:54) listenLook
Popcorn (Dub Version) (5:23) listen
Popcorn (Extended Version) (5:51) listen
Popcorn with a hint of "Pump Up The Jam". 
P.C. Dee
Popcorn (Houser Version) (6:57) listen
Generic 90s mix 
Popcorn (6:11) listenLook
Popcorn (Radio Version) (3:19) listen
Identical to the Rimini Vibe Project versions. 
Popcorn (3:42) listenLook
Popcorn (2:27) listenLook
W.R.S. Connection
Popcorn (3:39) listenLook
Galaxy Sound Orchestra
Popcorn (2:30) listen
Surprisingly true to the original (song comes from Synthesizer hits vol. 2) 
Dance Machine
Popcorn (6:05) listen
Popcorn (Radio Edit) (3:39) listen
Break Up!
Popcorn (Sweet Corn radio mix 1) (3:06) listenLook
Popcorn (Sweet Corn radio mix 2) (3:06) listen
Popcorn (Acid Corn) (6:04) listen
Very notable Yazz & the Plastic Population influence 
Aphex Twin/Caustic Window
Popcorn (3:26) listen
Slotmachine feat. Gemini 7
Popcorn (radio mix) (3:25) listenLook
Popcorn (techno mix) (5:59) listen
Popcorn (short techno cut) (3:19) listen
Decent, the techno mix is a Das Boot vs. Popcorn vs. James Brown Is Dead combination (a robotvoice saying Popcorn, James Brown, Techno) 
Biochip C
Popcorn (Radio Edit) (3:56) listenLook
Popcorn (Maximix) (5:32) listen
Popcorn (Piano Dub) (5:26) listen
Pop Corn (149 BPM Mix) (4:55) listenLook
Pop Corn (154 BPM Mix) (4:39) listen
Little Boss
Popcorn (radio version) (4:12) listen
Popcorn (dance version) (5:18) listen
Makina Power
Palomitas de Maiz (5:16) listen
Popcorn (Remix '92) (4:58) listen
Popcorn (radio edit) (3:39) listen
Jill Smith
Pop Corn (2:36) listen
Identical to the Popcorneaters and Laser Sound Orchestra version. This version can be found on a lot of compilation albums, under different names 
Spanish Synthesizer
Popcorn (3:55) listen
Popcorn (4:11) listenLook
Popcorn (Hyper Calory Mix) (5:57) listen
The Time Frequency
Popcorn (4:22) listen
resembles the Guru Josh version a bit 
Denki Groove
Popcorn (4:38) listen
Popcorn (Single Mix) (5:19) listen
Popcorn (Clubmix) (3:40) listen
Popcorn (Psychémix) (3:40) listen
Popcorn (Livemix) (3:40) listen
Popcorn (Original Mix) (6:05) listen
Popcorn (Radio Edit) (2:56) listen
The Astronauts
Popcorn (1:43) listen
Tommy Seebach/Seebach Band
Popcorn (3:20) listen
The Phantom Surfers
Popcorn (2:06) listen
Popcorn Original 303 Mix (2:14) listen
Pub 69
Pop Corn (2:23) listen
Dance Techno Fish
Popcorn (3:26) listenLook
Popcorn (Pop Iron Extended Mix) (5:08) listen
Popcorn (Air Mix) (3:04) listenLook
Popcorn (Floor Mix) (4:57) listen
Popcorn (Perplexer Mix) (5:31) listen
Popcorn (Nero & Jones Mix) (5:17) listen
Popcorn (Sweet Version) (3:39) listenLook
Popcorn (Salt Version) (5:42) listen
Paco Clavel
Palomitas de Maiz (3:25) listenLyrcs
Uses the Decibels A Go-go lyrics (written by M. Diaz) 
Dr. No
Popcorn (Straight To The Top Mix) (4:35) listenLook
Popcorn (London Underground Mix) (6:30) listen
Popcorn (Trance Mix) (5:58) listen
Very different mixes 
Popcorn (Killercorn) (4:43) listen
Popcorn (Junglecorn) (4:12) listen
Popcorn (Spacecorn) (6:37) listen
Nylon 66'ers
Pop Corn (3:23) listen
Mister Loco
Palomitas de Maiz (4:34) listen
Popcorn (Mix Version) (4:59) listen
Popcorn (Radio Version) (3:10) listen
Popcorn (Unplugged) (1:05) listen
Popcorn (Speed) (2:18) listen
Pop Corn (3:08) listen
Popcorn (Original Mix) (3:54) listenLook
Popcorn (Clock 'Short Stab Mix') (3:23) listen
Popcorn (Clock 'Time Gentlemen Please Mix') (4:58) listen
Popcorn (Bounce Club Mix) (6:15) listen
Popcorn (Eddie Lock & SMC Project Mix) (5:58) listen
Popcorn (Colour Sound Remix) (4:59) listen
Very similar to the 1996 Outer Rhythm versionsThe Short Stab Mix is sometimes credited as Safri Duo 
Treble Spankers
Popcorn (2:16) listen
Surf version 
Popcorn (Radio Version) (3:29) listenLook
Popcorn (Radio Remix) (3:45) listen
Popcorn (Club Mix) (5:14) listen
Popcorn (Club Remix) (5:40) listen
Popcorn (Extended Mix) (4:08) listen
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
Popcorn (2:38) listen
Another Surf version 
Popcorn (Dig This Mix Radio Edit) (3:47) listen
Popcorn (Urban Jungle Mix Radio Edit) (4:00) listen
Popcorn (Cholesterol Mix Radio Edit) (4:01) listen
Popcorn (Dig This Mix Club Edit) (6:30) listen
Popcorn (Urban Jungle Mix Club Edit) (6:33) listen
Popcorn (Cholesterol Mix Club Edit) (6:44) listen
Popcorn (Dig This Percussion Mix) (6:29) listen
Radio Popcorn Mix (3:31) listenLook
Trancy Popcorn Mix (5:03) listen
L.P.G. Popcorn Mix (3:43) listen
Racemic Acid
Popcorn 95 (5:15) listen
Synthetic Engeneering
Popcorn (7:16) listenLook
B.F. Project
Popcorn (5:23) listen
The Dance Mixers
Popcorn (4:12) listen
Acoustic Sound Orchestra
Popcorn (2:29) listen
Laser Sound Orchestra
Popcorn (2:29) listen
Released in 1972 under the name Popcorneaters 
Die Schlapse
Schlapscorn (3:26) listen
this version will haunt you in your sleep 
Music Factory
Popcorn (4:11) listen
Outer Rhythm
Popcorn (VIP Syndicate Popped In Clubbed Out House Mix) (9:45) listenLook
Popcorn (Clock' Ten To Two Extended Club Mix) (4:59) listen
Popcorn (Clock' Remix Radio Edit) (3:22) listen
Popcorn (Poppin' Around) (6:18) listen
Popcorn (Tekno Mix) (4:49) listen
Popcorn (DJ Scott Bay City Club Mix) (6:06) listen
Similar to Bounce's versions 
Quarex of KFMF
Unpopped Colonels (3:02) listen
Vibes & Wishdokta
Popcorn (3:50) listen
Popcorn (Darwin Remix) (5:40) listen
not so charming gabber version 
Bug 96
Popcorn (Radio Edit) (3:12) listenLook
Popcorn (Elevator Mix) (3:04) listen
Popcorn (Original Arrangement) (2:34) listen
Raver's Choice
Popcorn (3:59) listen
another not so charming gabber version 
Alfred Hause
Popcorn (2:33) listenLook
La Strana Societa
Popcorn (3:51) listen
Voltage (5:33) listen
Popcorn is the name of a band consisting of Eddy De Clercq and Arling & Cameron. They decided to call the track "Voltage" and create a group called "Popcorn" as performing artist 
Marco Zangirolami
Popcorn (4:56) listen
Indigo Blue
Popcorn (3:52) listen
Two Milords
Pop Corn (5:25) listen
The Bikini Beach Club
Popcorn (3:03) listen
Die Space Hobos
Popcorn (2:39) listen
DJ Bell
Popcorn (radio edit) (3:06) listenLookLyrcs
Popcorn (salt mix) (5:31) listen
DJ Mystik
Popcorn (4:44) listen
with vocals, cover of DJ Bell version 
Shape Dance
Popcorn Radio Edit (3:16) listenLook
Popcorn Oldstyle Radio Edit (3:01) listen
Popcorn Club Mix (4:05) listen
Popcorn Remix version (3:09) listen
Released on a shaped CD 
Popcorn Radio Edit (3:35) listenLook
Popcorn Sweet Club Mix (5:03) listen
Popcorn Salted Remix (6:50) listen
Radio Edit is sometimes credited as Galaxee 
S. Bombazzo
Popcorn Single Version (3:26) listenLook
Popcorn Maxi Version (5:11) listen
Popcorn Hardcore Mix (4:58) listen
Popcorn (7" Mix) (3:41) listenLook
Popcorn (Andy's Greek Goddess Mix) (5:53) listen
Popcorn (Diana's Hysterical Mix) (6:22) listen
Popcorn ("J" Up Yours Mix) (4:16) listen
Cosmo & Tom
Popcorn Radio Edit (3:39) listenLook
Popcorn Club Mix (5:46) listen
Popcorn Donuts Mix (5:29) listen
Popcorn (2:38) listenLook
Japanese punk version 
Popcorn (1:03) listen
Eric v/d Broek
Popcorn (5:00) listen
Franz Lambert
Popcorn (1:45) listen
Hi-Teck System
Pop Corn (radio version) (3:29) listenLook
Men In The Moon
Popcorn '97 (radio edit) (3:58) listen
Popcorn '97 (extended version) (4:12) listen
Pop Corn (Pop Version) (5:19) listen
Pop Corn (Radio Version) (3:57) listen
Pop Corn (Afterpop) (6:45) listen
Carlos Velasco
Palomitas de Maiz (3:57) listen
Popcorn (Hard Corn version) (6:40) listen
Popcorn (Pop Corn version) (6:08) listen
Dick et les Espions
Pop corn (1:36) listen
Essem & Aitch
Popcorn (3:31) listen
Sometimes credited as Prodigy on the P2P networks 
Popcorn (Radio Mix) (3:27) listenLook
Popcorn (Club Mix) (5:56) listen
Popcorn (Acid Mix) (4:16) listen
Ibiza (8:36) listen
Ibiza (Cut Mix) (5:09) listen
Chaos Creators ft. Etromic
Popcorn Remixed (3:59) listen
Popcorn (4:06) listen
Popcorn (3:16) listenLook
Odd sounds 
Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
Popcorn (3:24) listen
Great orchestration 
Popcorn (5:20) listen
Popcorn '98 (4:21) listenLook
Popcorn (Radio Edit) (4:04) listen
Pop Corn (Radio Edit) (3:10) listen
Popcorn (Club Mix a) (5:19) listen
Popcorn (Club Mix b) (5:25) listen
Juline feat. Young Boys
I Wanna Tell You (Radio Edit) (3:36) listen
I Wanna Tell You (Club Mix) (6:05) listen
Popcorn (3:25) listen
Gerardo Cardenas
Palomitas de Maiz (3:28) listen
Boomtang Boys
Popcorn Microwave Mix (5:19) listenLook
Popcorn Microwave Mix Edit (3:39) listen
Popcorn Like Butta Mix (long) (5:24) listen
Popcorn Like Butta Mix (3:21) listen
Popcorn meets Daft Punk's Around The World 
DJ Wezzler
Wezzling Popcorn (4:02) listen
Cab City Combo
Indiancorn (4:00) listenLyrcs
One of the strangest version of Popcorn 
Nu Pogody (Popcorn) (2:28) listen
Popcorn (bambam 8bit mix) (2:28) listen
Space Penguins
The Elektrofunk (Atlantis Radio Edit) (2:57) listenLook
The Elektrofunk (Atlantis Remix) (6:12) listen
The Elektrofunk (Dino's Radio Edit) (3:39) listen
The Elektrofunk (Dino Knocks The Penguins Out Mix) (6:36) listen
The Elektrofunk (Ping Pong P.P.Penguin Mix) (4:55) listen
The Elektrofunk (Claudio Coccoluto Mix) (7:25) listen
The Elektrofunk (Loop Da Loop's Hardstep Funk Mix) (5:18) listen
Popcorn (3:37) listen
Popcorn (5:21) listen
Popcorn Edit (3:17) listen
Robert Papp
Popcorn (3:37) listen
Inspired by the M&H band 
Popcorn (Radio Edit) (2:36) listen
Popcorn (EuroCorn Mix) (2:35) listen
Popcorn (PizziCorn Mix) (2:39) listen
Popcorn (Popcorn Mix) (4:02) listen
Popcorn (Party Till You DropCorn Mix) (5:59) listen
Pop Corn Merengue (2:57) listen
Reptile & Sky
Popcorn 99MiX (2:11) listen
Doc Heyne
Rokkorn (4:21) listen
Gershon Kingsley
Popcorn (3:56) listen
Popcorn (Instrumental) (3:56) listen
From the "At Home With The Groovebox" compilation album 
Richi M
Popcorn (3:34) listenLook
Popcorn (2PNS SmirMix) (5:33) listen
Popcorn (Beatbox remix) (6:00) listen
Popcorn (Richi's Club Mix) (7:26) listen
Popcorn (UK Remix) (6:45) listen
Popcorn(XL Remix) (6:44) listen
Popcorn (Radio Mix) (3:32) listen
Popcorn (DJ Drav Edit) (5:57) listen
Red Star
Fly (Medley with Popcorn) (6:21) listen
Epo vs. Project House Punk!
Popcorn (EPO Radio Cut) (3:24) listenLook
Popcorn (DJ Tomcraft Remix) (6:35) listen
Popcorn (EPO Melo Mix) (6:00) listen
Popcorn (Axel Konrad Mix) (5:52) listen
Popcorn (S. Ercolino edit) (3:36) listen
Popcorn (S. Ercolino Mix) (6:21) listen
Popcorn (Project House Punk! Mix) (7:18) listen
David And The High Spirit
Popcorn (4:42) listen
Bim Skala Bim
Popcorn (2:52) listen
Ska version of Popcorn! 
DJ D-Mind
Popcorn (Lunatik dance remix) (3:55) listen
Popcorn (Club Mix) (6:26) listen
Popcorn (Maxi Club Mix) (6:00) listen
Detlev Jöcker
Popcorn-Fieber (3:10) listen
Song based on Popcorn 
Grupo Salvaje
Palomitas de Maiz (3:23) listenLook
Cumbia version 
Magic Finger Project
Popcorn (3:41) listen
Blue Dragon
Popcorn (1:29) listen
The Marimba Band of Fairfax High School
Popcorn (2:14) listen
Popcorn on marimbas 
Vision Factory
Popcorn (2001 Trance Mix) (4:08) listen
Dangerous Crew
Popcorn (Sweet) (4:16) listen
Popcorn (Sweet Instrumental) (4:42) listen
Popcorn (Salted Acapella) (3:47) listen
Rap version 
Trios corpo di Bacco
Popcorn (1:00) listen
German folk trio plays Popcorn. This short snippet was on their website, but it is closed now. I am still looking for their CD. 
Popcorn (Radio Version) (3:41) listen
Popcorn (Maxi Club Mix) (6:02) listen
Popcorn (Hip House Mix) (6:50) listen
Popcorn (Chill Mix) (6:29) listen
Music Makers
Palomitas de Maiz (3:07) listenLook
Head Horny's
Two Keys (Jumper Popcorn Mix) (7:08) listen
Nalle Lehtonen & Tulinen Trumpett
Pop Corn (4:14) listen
Merry Melodies
Popcorn 2001 (Mix 1) (6:26) listen
Popcorn 2001 (Mix 2) (3:13) listen
DJ Alby
Hard-Corn (5:29) listen
Ben H
Popcorn (2:17) listen
Digital Little Boy
Popcorn (Radio Edit) (3:30) listenLook
Popcorn (Remix Club) (3:23) listen
Popcorn (long version) (6:04) listenLook
Popcorn (3:50) listen
Unter Null
Popcorn (3:36) listen
Edward Simoni
Popcorn (2:59) listen
With pan flute. Sounds a lot like the Shape Dance versions 
Popcorn (4:38) listen
Popcorn (revealing 5 mix) (3:03) listen
Popcorn (1:02) listen
Rock version 
Popcorn (4:13) listen
Mister Energy
Popcorn 2002 (5:55) listen
Happy Bear (7:54) listen
Chill out music with a sample playing the Popcorn melody. 
Ethnic Senthetic (4:37) listen
Great semi-instrumental version. 
Chris Philips
Popcorn (3:11) listen
Popcorn for kids. 
Die Marimba Steelband Haderslev
Popcorn (2:45) listenLook
Marimba & steeldrums version 
The Surf Coasters
Popcorn (2:55) listen
Eat Static
Popcorn (7:56) listen
The Dead
Popcorn (Dirty) (3:47) listen
Popcorn (Clean) (3:51) listen
Popcorn (Instrumental) (3:46) listen
Rap version 
Gi Gi D'Agostino
Pop corn (5:24) listen
Pop corn (Promo mix) (3:11) listen
Popcorn 2oo3 (4:12) listen
DJ Shaolin
Popcorn (4:50) listen
Fat sounds for bass, melody is a bit thin. 
Fiddler's Green
Popcorn (3:42) listenLookLyrcs
Metalfolk version. 
DJ Alexir
Popcorn 2003 (4:38) listen
Popcorn (6:09) listen
Monsters From Mars
Popcorn (1:37) listen
Desert Planet
Popcorn (3:06) listen
Based on the Pengo game version 
Popcorn (2:29) listen
From the Peel sessions 
Popcorn (2:26) listen
used as live track in 2004 
Popcorn 2003 (extended trance mix) (7:31) listen
Lengthy trance mix 
The Pumpers
Popcorn (8:07) listen
Vincent Malone
Popcorn (1:36) listen
Odd trumpet version 
Popcorn (2:27) listen
DJ Techsta
Popcorn (4:02) listen
Here you can find the full mp3. 
Mr. Steel
Popcorn radio edit (3:27) listenLook
Popcorn extended version (5:22) listen
With steeldrums! 
Oslo String Quartet
Popcorn (2:13) listenLook
Orchestral version 
The Sailors
Popcorn (3:54) listen
Grupo Super T
Palomitas de Maiz (3:40) listen
Grupo Sharo's
Pochoclo (3:31) listen
Ibiza 2004 (5:10) listen
The Rezidents
Popcorn (3:55) listen
DJ Voyager
Popcorn 2004 (3:29) listen
Sometimes credited as Aphex Twin on P2P networks 
Popcorn (4:14) listen
Popcorn (6:29) listenLook
Rimini Vibe Project
Popcorn (rimini radio edit) (3:06) listen
Popcorn (long dancehall mix) (6:11) listenLook
Identical to Coba versions 
Popcorn (Lothario's Overdrive) (4:53) listen
Popcorn (7:19) listen
DJ Montana
Popcorn (3:48) listen
Didier Friso
Popcorn King (3:02) listenLyrcs
DJ Nilo
Popcorn 2004 (6:40) listen
DJ Pixel
Popcorn (4:04) listen
Popcorn (7:02) listen
Ole Erling
Popcorn (2:38) listen
True to the original, with synths and organs 
DJ Techsta
Popcorn 2004 (2:35) listen
Here you can find the full mp3. 
Rhythm Twins
Popcorn (5:43) listen
Copy of the Rezidents version 
Popcornmachine (1:54) listenLook
German lyrics 
Popcorn (4:17) listenLook
Kreidler in the Popcorn (3:52) listenLook
Popcorn (5:01) listenLook
Microfish's Popcorn Facile Mix (3:52) listenLook
Cosmik Sound System
Popcorn (5:37) listenLook
Red Sparrow
Popcorn Red Sparrow's Linker Offensivverteidiger Mix (5:48) listenLook
Very relaxing and very original 
Monsieur Supertobi meets Erik D. Clark
Faire Un Sacrifice Pour Popcorn (4:02) listenLook
Popcorn Lightning Head version (4:22) listenLook
Dub version 
Ursula 1000
Popcorn (3:23) listenLook
Popcorn - A New Wave Classic (4:45) listenLook
Soul 'n' Soda
Popcorn (3:32) listenLook
DJ Friction & Jam5
Popcorn DJ Friction & Jam5 Hot Butter Mix (3:38) listenLook
Popcorn (3:49) listenLook
Yip Corn (3:30) listenLook
Popcorn (3:46) listen
Oops! DJs
Мама Сшила (5:08) listenLyrcs
Запрещённые Барабанщики
Про Животных (3:35) listenLyrcs
Popcorn melody passes by in this russian song 
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
Popcorn (3:45) listenLook
A nice latino version. Is recorded much earlier, but released on a compilation in 2005 
Crazy Frog
Popcorn (Album version) (3:12) listenLook
Popcorn (Radio Mix) (2:50) listen
Popcorn (Radio Mix Instrumental) (2:48) listen
Popcorn (Potatoheadz Mix) (5:34) listen
Popcorn (Potatoheadz Instrumental) (5:38) listen
Popcorn (Radikal Mix) (5:30) listen
Popcorn (Resource Mix) (5:11) listen
Popcorn (Xtra Beats) (3:13) listen
Popcorn (Ultra Club Mix) (6:47) listen
The instrumentals are not that bad, just your generic popcorn dance version. Avoid the Frog ones 
Ben Folds
Popcorn (2:25) listen
Ben Folds improvising the Popcorn melody on piano with band during his 2005 tour. This audience recording is from The Encore, in April. 
Popcorn (2:08) listen
Short excerpt from a 2005 megamix. 
Popcorn (3:11) listen
Popcorn (Soulbangers remix) (6:26) listen
Popcorn (Verano's club mix) (6:26) listen
Popcorn (Revision 2 single edit) (3:31) listen
Popcorn (Revision 2) (5:24) listen
Skihut version 
Popcorn (6:40) listen
Popcorn (Almighty Radio Edit) (4:07) listen
The Popcorn (9:05) listen
The Popcorn (Dynamic Rmx) (6:47) listen
The Popcorn (Shay Remix) (7:02) listen
Lengthy mix 
Head Horny's
Popcorn (DJ DBC remix) (6:10) listen
Popcorn (2:18) listen
Surf version from Russia. 
DJ Brox-Bit
Popcorn (4:46) listen
Tom Adams
Popcorn (2:38) listen
Banjo version 
Madagascar 5
Popcorn (radio edit) (3:21) listenLook
Popcorn (album version) (5:19) listen
Popcorn (extended version) (6:48) listen
Sounds a bit like Gi Gi D'Augustino 
Popcorn (hsp mix) (3:32) listen
DJ Jorez & DJ Kiu
Popcorn (7:22) listen
Salted Popcorn (4:53) listen
Somewhat annoying 
L Project
Popcorn (Main Mix) (6:43) listen
Mr. D
Popcorn (2:38) listen
Shadmehr Aghili
Popcorn (single version) (3:16) listenLyrcs
Popcorn (album version) (5:00) listen
Persian lyrics! 
DJ Kilian
Popcorn 2005 (5:55) listen
DJ Stek
Popcorn (4:32) listen
Here you can find the original. 
Ludwich van Beathoven
Popcorn (3:05) listen
Warm Up
Popcorn (0:55) listen
Candy Classics
Popcorn (2:47) listen
Victor Zinchuk
Vozdushnye khlopya khukhuruzy (4:37) listen
La Banda Del Diablo
Popcorn (2:46) listen
Based on the Crazy Frog version 
Los Papis
Palomitas de Maiz (3:25) listenLook
Los Demonios De Puebla
Palomitas De Maiz (4:23) listen
Pop Corn (4:58) listen
mixed wonderfully with the music of Tetris 
Popcorn Original Mix (6:28) listenLook
Popcorn Hit House Remix (6:12) listen
Hard style house 
DJ Croz
Popcorn 2006 (4:36) listen
Lucky Lexy
Popcorn (4:26) listen
Mr. DeVille
Popcorn (4:55) listen
Popcorn 2006 (2:23) listen
New version from their latest album "Hyena Safari"
Glass Blas Sing Quintett
Popcorn (2:30) listen
Russel B
Popcorn (3:25) listen
Popcorn Rush (4:31) listen
High Tide
Popcorn (3:14) listenLook
Popcorn (2:56) listen
Popcorn (2:45) listen
The KGB's
Infinity (DJ Phil Ty Remix) (5:04) listen
Resembles Popcorn a lot. Only the DJ Phil Ty remix has the Popcorn melody. 
The Allstars
Popcorn Retro Edition (4:06) listen
contains Crazy Frog samples 
Viento Calido
Palomitas de Maiz (3:20) listen
Trance Troopers
Popcorn (DJ Scott & Selector-c Re-Work) (5:40) listen
Popcorn (Donkey Donk Mix) (5:56) listen
Popcorn (Roll The Bass Mix) (5:37) listen
Vanessa Y Los Punto Com
Popcorn (2:47) listen
Crazy Frog clone  
S. Rosin
Popcorn (2:45) listen
Popcorn (2:25) listen
Big band version 
Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin
Popcorn (4:44) listen
Popcorn (radio edit) (3:28) listen
Popcorn (club mix) (6:28) listen
Orquestra Imperial
Popcorn (3:45) listenLook
Team X
Popcorn (radio edit) (3:22) listenLook
Popcorn (remix) (3:28) listen
Popcorn (hard mix) (7:06) listen
The Magic Orchestra
Popcorn (2:39) listen
50 Non-Stop Hammond Hits
Popcorn (1:30) listenLook
Fight For Popcorn (3:49) listen
Combination with the lyrics of Beasty Boys' 'Fight for your right'. 
Porno on pop (3:29) listenLookLyrcs
Finnish lyrics 
Strings Royal
Pop Corn (5:27) listen
Los Daddys de Chinantla
Palomitas de Maiz (4:32) listen
Estudio Miami Ritmo
Popcorn (2:38) listen
Popcorn (2:12) listen
Popcorn (2:46) listen
Seoul Philharmonic
Pizzicato popcorn (1:32) listen
Orchestral version 
Popcorn (9:33) listenLyrcs
DJ Micho
Popcorn (Hardstyle mix) (3:47) listen
Popcorn (2:26) listen
8-bit sound version 
DJ Marco & JJ Romero
Popcorn - Original Mix (5:45) listen
Popcorn - Romero Progressive Mix (8:30) listen
Dario Stivala
Pop Corn (4:17) listen
South Africa
Popcorn (3:17) listen
Barking Classics
Popcorn (0:37) listenLook
Popcorn (3:05) listen
Based on the Crazy Frog version, now with a rabbit 
Warm Up
Popcorn (2:32) listen
The Kernels
Popcorn (2:28) listen
This is Mr. K version 2, released in digital stores under the name "The Kernels" 
Vive La Fete
Popcorn (3:55) listen
Live performance only, officially released as a digital live track in 2020 
Starlight Orchestra
Popcorn original (2:37) listen
horrible lead 
Mr. Pickwick
Popcorn (2:44) listen
faithful version 
Marimba Chiapas
Palomitas de Maiz (2:37) listen
Popcorn (2:38) listen
Acapella version 
Orchester King Royal
Popcorn (2:39) listen
Popcorn (5:00) listen
Michael Pan
Hot Butter - Popcorn (2:09) listen
commentary on the Popcorn track 
Imbo (7:10) listen
The Spoon Box
Воздушная кукуруза (2:30) listen
Dieter Thomas Kuhn and band
Popcorn (2:57) listen
Popcorn (radio edit) (3:11) listen
Popcorn (club edit) (6:15) listen
Tomy Montana
Popcorn (original mix) (5:45) listen
Popcorn (Miklov remix) (6:22) listen
Popcorn (Vanilla Creep remix) (5:41) listen
Popcorn (Hamvai PG & Roberto Winny remix) (6:09) listen
Popcorn (Paul Mad remix) (8:45) listen
Popcorn (DJ Wallas & Eric Morph remix) (6:55) listen
Popcorn (Dragmatic remix) (7:22) listen
Chica Libre
Popcorn Andino (5:28) listen
Popcorn Andino (live) (3:32) listen
Great version 
Popcorn (2:01) listen
Surfpunk version 
70s Movers & Shakers
Popcorn (2:29) listen
Popcorn (2:31) listen
Can be found on lots of new compilation albums 
Nick Etheridge
Popcorn (3:17) listen
Tuba version 
Jona Lefvert
Popcorn Rock (2:20) listen
Ori Tzadok
Popcorn (Electro Mix 2009) (7:39) listen
Band of One
Popcorn (3:46) listen
Mystic Fashion
Popcorn (4:13) listen
Crazy Chicken
Popcorn Dance Original (2:49) listen
Los Aragon
Palomitas de Maiz (3:05) listen
Clark & Jessen
Popcorn (2:40) listen
El Recuerdo Musical
Palomitas de Maiz (3:01) listen
Igor Presnyakov
Popcorn (2:42) listen
on acoustic guitar 
DJ Kit
Popcorn 2k9 (Original Version) (5:11) listen
The Des Bettany Trio
Popcorn (2:51) listen
on harmonica 
Banda Membrillera
Palomitas de Maiz (2:40) listen
Gustavo Bravetti
Palomitas de Maiz (6:09) listen
Los Enemigos
Palomitas de Maiz (3:13) listen
Marimba Chiapas
Palomitas de Maiz (2:32) listen
Marimba version 
Box Office Poison
Popcorn (3:31) listen
Helmut Jederknüller mit seinem Super Stereo à gogo Orchester
Popcorn (2:19) listen
Jesse Rose
Pop Yer Corn (3:35) listen
Tubular Ben
Popcorn (3:14) listen
Palomitas de Maiz (3:23) listen
Disco Cell
Popcorn (2010 radio edit) (3:29) listen
Popcorn (2010 Special radio edit) (3:58) listen
Popcorn (2010 club mix) (5:27) listen
Pavel Buechler
A Pip Of Popcorn (0:01) listenLook
Contains a sample of Popcorn 
Hair Stylistics with Takuma Watanabe
Popcorn (3:48) listenLook
Corn Poop (1:23) listenLook
Kian Sandalen
Popcorn (1:25) listenLook
Burning Star Core
Popcorn (1:57) listenLook
Contains snippets of the Anarchic System version 
DSR Lines
Popkorner (2:30) listenLook
Evil Moisture
Porn Cop (1:02) listenLook
Poporn (1:45) listenLook
Maakt Popcorn (2:47) listenLook
Sounds of popcorn 
Hetero Skeleton
Popcorn (2:47) listenLook
Dopkaartleggen (0:39) listenLook
Popcorn (1:41) listenLook
Popcorn (3:34) listenLook
Helicoptre Sanglante
Popcorn (1:44) listenLook
Dracula Lewis
Popcorn (2:30) listenLook
Christophe Piette
Popcorn (0:49) listenLook
Kip Prims
Kipcorn (1:33) listenLook
White Circle Crime Club
Popcorn (1:31) listenLook
Jacques Beloeil
Corny Pop (1:54) listenLook
Poopcorn (3:13) listenLook
Cryptic Report
Ravishing Toxic Popcorn Apostole (0:33) listenLook
Autistik Youth
Popcorn (1:59) listenLook
Untitled (1:32) listenLook
Could last for hours 
Popcorn (3:44) listenLook
Amon Duede V
Popcorn (2:11) listenLook
Poc (2:02) listenLook
Ali Mio Feat Sultan Steven
Popcorn (2:24) listenLook
Rani Bageria & Hanno Schnegg
Popcorn (2:03) listenLook
Blood Stereo
Popcorn (2:01) listenLook
My Land & Lion
Popcorn (1:27) listenLook
Family Battle Snake
Popcorn (2:21) listenLook
Three Legged Race
Popcorn (2:05) listenLook
Daniel De Wereldvermaarde Botanicus
Popcorn (2:08) listenLook
Rock And Roll Jackie & Nour Mobarack
Popcorn (0:51) listenLook
Lucas Abela, Chrstopher Fleeger & Kevin Blechdom
Poopcorn (1:59) listenLook
Melts In Your Mouth (1:59) listenLook
Astral Social Club
Popcorn (1:18) listenLook
Popcorn (1:59) listenLook
Popcorn (1:34) listenLook
Popcorn (2:25) listenLook
Pacific Wave
Popcorn - DJ Kharma and Mighty Atom Mix (7:00) listen
Popcorn - DJ Phunk and 3Am Mix (7:07) listen
Venus 1999
Pop Corn - Re-edit (6:07) listen
DJ Carlo Lentini
Pop Corn (5:46) listen
Michael Dorth
Popcorn (5:08) listen
The Muppets
Popcorn (2:05) listenLook
Frank Ester
Popcorn (Discoqueen Mix) (2:34) listen
Dexter & Maniac
Popcorn (4:01) listen
Popcorn (Instrumental) (4:01) listen
German rap, contains a sample of the German Antoine single 
Jeff Tony
Popcorn (2:36) listen
DJ Karp & DJ Yastreb
Popcorn (Extended remix) (5:29) listen
Mr. Jay & T
Popcorn (3:42) listen
Popcorn Original 303 mix (2:14) listen
DJ Power
Popcorn Vision 2010 (5:16) listen
Workout Club
Pop Corn Motivation Booster Remix (4:13) listen
Wayne Gerard Trotman
Popcorn (excerpt) (7:01) listen
Top Hits Group
Popcorn (2:27) listen
Jean Michell vs. United DJs
Popcorn (Radio Edit) (3:45) listen
Popcorn (Extended Mix) (6:04) listen
Pop The Corn (4:23) listen
DJ Raff
Popcorn (2:13) listen
Adam K & Addy
Popcorn - D-Unity Mix (7:20) listen
Popcorn - Rafael Noronha & Re Dupre Remix (7:14) listen
Popcorn - Original 303 Mix (2:14) listen
Dreamaphro Pop Corn (3:41) listen
Moving On
Pop Corn (2:29) listen
sounds a lot like the original, some small differences 
Massimo Scalieri
Pop Corn (2:22) listen
Kispál és a Borz
Szagos kukorica (0:45) listen
played as intro for 'Szagos kukorica', one of their own songs, mashed up with Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. 
Sameach Music
Popcorn (2:07) listen
Popcorn (5:52) listen
Christian Stefanoni feat. Artilandance
Popcorn (5:26) listen
Popcorn (Return to Oxygene Remix) (3:31) listen
Popcorn (Extended Remix 2001) (4:42) listen
Popcorn (Radio Cut 2001) (3:15) listen
Popcorn (Minimal Piano Mix) (3:54) listen
Popcorn (2005 Original Mix) (5:31) listen
Popcorn (Fisangelo Radio Edit 2005) (3:56) listen
Popcorn (Fisangelo Acapella 2005) (2:47) listen
with accordeon 
Popcorn (2:50) listen
Popcorn (Summer Mix) (1:39) listen
Hot Jam & Butter
Popcorn (original version) (3:54) listen
Rare Bird Project
Popcorn (3:16) listen
Popcorn meets I Feel Love 
The Disco Orchestra
Popcorn (3:58) listen
inspired by the M & H Band 
Ensemble Novgorod Mosaic
Popcorn (1:54) listen
Russian acoustic band 
Popcorn 2011 (Radio Mix) (3:07) listen
Popcorn 2011 (Extended Mix) (6:05) listen
The Popettes
Popcorn (2:32) listen
Ace Bond DJ
Popcorn (3:46) listen
DJ Omidia
Pop Corn - 132 bpm (2:31) listen
Bobby Flexter
Pop Corn (4:28) listen
Maurizio Verbeni & Marco Angeli
Popcorn - Oltrob Mix (6:18) listen
Popcorn - Alex Chinnici Mix (6:59) listen
Popcorn (7:36) listen
Popcorn (5:08) listen
The Little Apple Band
Popcorn (2:28) listen
Shameless Muppets rip-off 
Gankino Circus
Popcorn (4:52) listen
High School Music Band
Pop Corn (2:32) listen
Kids Party Band
Popcorn (3:11) listen
The Alan B. Campbell Orchestra
Popcorn (3:03) listen
#1 Video Game Songs
Popcorn (2:29) listen
London Session Musicians
Popcorn (2:34) listen
Popcorn (3:13) listen
The Brits and Pieces
Popcorn (2:12) listenLyrcs
Disco Fever
Popcorn (2:37) listen
Sunshine Superstars
Popcorn (3:13) listen
Raphael Roan
Popcorn (2:38) listen
Volga Band
Popcorn (2:48) listen
King of Agogik
From A... (excerpt) (0:08) listen
A long progressive rock track (21:36) that quotes Popcorn 
Hideki Matsutake & Katsunori Fuchi & YUMIKO & Motoyoshi Shinoda & Ogawa Fumiaki
Pop Corn (4:49) listen
Popcorn - Original Mix (5:04) listen
Déjà Vu
Popcorn (2:31) listen
Primus Brass
Popcorn (2:21) listen
Trumpet version with a hint of Apache and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 
Sergey Gudsey
Popcorn (2:16) listen 
Massiv in Mensch
Pop Corn (3:01) listen
Cartoon Band
Pop Corn (3:07) listen
Crazy Frog remake 
Palov & Panama Cardoon
Popcorn (3:46) listen
Samples Orquesta Cubana de Musica Moderna version 
Miguel Valbuena
Popcorn 2012 (Radio Edit) (2:21) listen
Popcorn 2012 (Club Mix) (4:23) listen
Roy Luis
Palomitas de Maiz (2:12) listen
Butter With Honey
Popcorn (2K12 Base Mix) (4:00) listen
De Lancaster
Popcorn (De Lancaster & United DJs Mix) (6:05) listen
Oleg Stuff pres. SunShine Planet
Popcorn (Original Mix) (6:11) listen
Popcorn (3:25) listen
Brado Popcorn
Popcorn (4:57) listen
Tanvir Kawnine
Popcorn (4:04) listen
Ari Inkiläinen
Popcorn (2:52) listen
totally atonal version, avoid at all costs 
DJ 90210
Popcorn (5:46) listen
Roxy and DeeDee
Popcorn (4:09) listen
Popcorn (Extended Club Mix) (5:39) listen
Jimmy Granlund
Popcorn - 99 butter remix (2:07) listen
Popcorn (Club Mix) (3:35) listen
Corn Pop (Original Mix) (7:05) listen
Corn Pop (Porn Cop Mix) (5:43) listen
Corn Pop (Kentwist Remix) (6:22) listen
Universal Sound Machine
Popcorn (3:59) listen
La Strana Societa
Popcorn (remix) (3:43) listen
Pop Corn (remix) (2:27) listen
Vivian Jacob
Popcorn (2:06) listen
Harp cover 
Bunnytail Traces
Pop Corn (2:03) listen
Funkin' Amateurs
Popcorn (2:34) listen
DJ Helli
Popcorn 2012 (Trance Dubstep Remix) (6:13) listen
Gutter Catz
Popcorn (4:04) listen
wub wub 
Popcorn (Radio Edit) (4:02) listen
Popcorn (Original Mix) (7:02) listen
Tom Cutter
Popcorn (3:11) listen
Dj Max Korovaev and the Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra
Popcorn (3:51) listen
Jupiter 80
Pop Corn (3:51) listen
Popcorn (Radio Edit) (3:37) listen
Popcorn (Maxxi Mixx) (6:30) listen
Grupo Condesa
Palomitas De Maiz (2:43) listen
Conjunto Peña Blanca
Palomitas de Maiz (3:12) listen
Pop Corn (2:42) listen
Pop Corn (3:43) listen
The Top Club Band
Pop Corn (3:58) listen
Riku Niemi Orchestra
Popcorn (1:24) listen
Orchestral version and live dancing 
Ketamine Koala
Stale Popcorn (5:43) listen
The Nobis
Pop Corn Lover (3:57) listen
Popcorn (Electro Edit in London 2014) (5:18) listen
Charlie Parra del Riego
Popcorn (2:26) listen
Jack Holiday & Mike Candys
Popcorn (Radio Edit) (3:03) listen
Popcorn (Original Mix) (4:33) listen
2 Crazy DeeJayS
Popcorn 2014 (EDM Radio Edit) (3:03) listen
Popcorn 2014 (Ledm RmX) (3:54) listen
Popcorn 2014 (EDM DBC Radio ReMiX) (3:54) listen
Popcorn 2014 (EU RmX) (3:01) listen
Markus Maximus
Pop Corn (Festival TRAP edit) (5:25) listen
Pop Corn (Kelly Holiday Festival EDM Remix) (5:07) listen
Pop Corn (Mark Holiday Festival EDM Remix) (5:16) listen
Dean Cohen
Popcorn (Original Mix) (5:22) listen
We Made!, Joe Tiseo
Cocporn (Original Mix) (6:17) listen
Dan Newbie
Popcorn (1:14) listen
Popcorn (Short Version) (2:40) listen
Popcorn (Pop Mix) (3:36) listen
Mariachi de la Sierra
Palomitas de Maiz (3:09) listen
Salted Butter
Pop Corn (3:50) listen
The Cover Bullets
Pop Corn (2:33) listen
Daughters & Sons Featuring Junior Jordi
Popcorn Fandango (8:19) listen
Los Straitjackets
Popcorn (2:55) listen
Uses Anarchic System's lyrics 
Peterson Middle School Orchestra
Pizzicato Popcorn (2:52) listen
Orchestra performance 
Mandolin Quartet Seasons
Popcorn (2:32) listen
with Mandolins 
Corkscrew № 4453556
Pop Corn (2:34) listen
Zac Anger
Popcorn (1:15) listen
Popcorn (2:45) listen
Manuel Angel
Palomitas de Maiz (2:35) listen
Popcorn (Radio Version) (3:26) listen
Popcorn (Marco Sissa Remix) (5:13) listen
Mr. Pink
Popcorn (Radio Version) (5:37) listen
Fernando D.C.
Fucking Popcorn (1:02) listen
Blip Shifter
Pop Corn (2:31) listen
DJ Teuf
Pop Corn (2:33) listen
Hillberg & D-Tex
Popcorn (Original Mix) (5:00) listen
Deep Blue
Popcorn (2:41) listen
Bongo Chaton
Pop corn (dream edit) (0:43) listen
Tonerre Mécanniques
Pop corns (0:48) listen
DJ Trendsetter
Pop Corn (EDM Cover Remix) (5:16) listen
Pop Corn (Trap and Twerk Music mix) (5:25) listen
Same as the Markus Maximus remixes 
Sumire Uesaka
文豪でGO! (4:35) listen
文豪でGO! (off vocal version) (4:33) listen
Yo La Tengo
Popcorn (1:37) listen
The Panoply Steelband
Popcorn (3:09) listen
Steeldrum version 
Bezirksjugendblasorchester Vöcklabruck
Popcorn (3:09) listen
Orchestral version 
The Surfin' Boars
Pop Corn (3:15) listen
Fat Contry Ted
Popcorn (2:44) listen
Popcorn (Original Mix) (8:03) listen
Orquesta Catacumbia
Pop Corn (6:12) listen
Popcorni (3:31) listen
Neil Cicierega
Floor Corn (2:29) listen
DJ Blade
Popcorn PowerStomp (3:37) listen
Orquesta Son de Cuba
Canguil (4:01) listen
Popcorn 2K18 (Original Mix) (3:51) listen
Popcorn 2K18 (Radio Edit) (2:37) listen
Popcorn (FLW retrowave version) (3:37) listen
Pop Corn (1:46) listen
Concept Art
Popcorn (Concept Art Bootleg) (3:16) listen
Pop Corn [cover two] (10:53) listen
Steve Aoki, Ummet Ozcan, Dzeko
Popcorn (3:33) listen
Popcorn (Extended Mix) (4:44) listen
Popcorn (GATTÜSO Remix) (3:25) listen
Helion & Theis EZ
Popcorn (2:49) listen
The Magic Music Orchestra
Palomitas de Maiz (2:28) listen
Juno 80
Popcorn (Bleisure Deep Remix) (2:54) listen
Popcorn (Electro Pop Mix) (3:44) listen
Popcorn (3:03) listen
Alan Tone
Popcorn (4:13) listen
Sudar Percussion Ensemble
Pop corn quarantine (4:42) listen
Middle Ages
Popcorn (Medieval Cover) (2:38) listen
Adrian Fitz-Simon
Pop Cork (Unprecedented Measures) (2:05) listen
Nicolas Bras
Popcorn Cover with Pop Instrument (2:01) listen
Popcorn played brilliantly on a self-made instrument 
Outsiders x Bass Chaserz x Anita Doth
Popcorn (3:17) listenLyrcs
Popcorn (Extended Mix) (4:10) listen
Liona Boyd
Popcorn Remix (3:00) listen
The NGVirus
Popcorn (NGVirus Remix) (4:35) listen
Popcorn (3:02) listen
Tove Lo
2 Die 4 (3:05) listenLyrcs
Jamie Penner
Popcorn (4:11) listen
Popcorn (Extended Mix) (8:22) listen
Bernando Bess Orchestra
Popcorn (2:33) listen
probably from around 1972 
Orchestra di Mario Battaini
Popcorn (2:35) listen
Mario Battaini made several tango albums, but Popcorn was not on one of them. Probably from around 1972 
I Melodys
Popcorn (2:41) listen
Matthew Doucette
Popcorn Remix (2:10) listen
Decent home-made version, release date unknown. 
Ham Jammer
Popcorn (3:14) listen
Horny Hippos
Popcorn (2:25) listen
Like the Ham Jammer version, this one is quite well known, but no release date is given. 
Popcorn (2:27) listen
Everything is unknown about this version: year and artist 
Los Favoritos de Ciudad Victoria
Palomitas de Maiz (3:28) listenLook
Organo Texano de Rudy Garcia y Les Impacto
Palomitas de Maiz (2:52) listen
Palomitas de Maiz (3:15) listen
Freddy Carrara
Pop Corn (2:37) listen
Organ and accordeon version 
Chorale de l'Ecole Leon Bourgeois
Popcorn (3:27) listenLook
Orchester der Musik-Schule-Warndt
Düsenjägerpopcorn (2:11) listen
Hector Manito Bonila
Canguil Con Salsa (2:52) listen
A. Decap
Popcorn (2:22) listen
organ version 
Jorge Fontes
Popcorn (3:03) listen
Jochen Brauer Sextett
Popcorn (2:43) listen
Chikara Ueda & The Caravan
Pop Corn (2:27) listen
El Organo Romantico de Goyito
Palomitas de Maiz (3:01) listen
Orquesta de Pepe Castillo
Palomitas de Maiz (1:12) listen
Pedro Morquecho y su Organo Ritmico
Palomitas de Maiz (2:15) listen
Pop Corn (Pop Radio Version) (4:08) listen
Pop Corn (Pop Club Mix) (6:05) listen